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CBC Interview With Jimmy Chan Concerning Recent Anti-Asian Racism In Montreal

CBC Montreal News interviewed Jimmy Chan as the Chinese community leader to voice out on behalf of our Montreal Chinese community Chinatown today concerning his thoughts about the recent racism acts on school campuses, where racially offensive worksheets were being circulated.

Jimmy told CBC that racism against the Asian community always existed since the beginning of the first Chinese immigrants, the ancestors arrived to this land more than a hundred years ago‚Ķ the racism never goes away. As CBC asked Jimmy what his ideas are on to stop the racism, he told them that he had been approaching the government to create an educational program adding special courses in school and cultural programs from the government to teach and to educate people to learn from all different immigrants’ cultures, to learn from them, to understand who the Chinese community are, where they came from, and what contributions they made to help build the country.

The past few weeks, racism against the Chinese Culture has been storming up and it has impacted schools, where individuals were passing around sheets that contain racist images and text messages to students in the school campuses. This is totally unacceptable, and Jimmy strongly suggested to the Quebec government and the Federal government to step in now to talk about it, have meetings about it, creating cultural educational school programs for the youth and adults to learn and to appreciate humanity.